Ristorante Suscettibile a Pioppi - Chef Antonio Morinelli

Antonio Morinelli’s instanteat: the most famous chef in Cilento


I’m in Cilento for the “Italian style moment”: the creation of a quick dish to taste with friends. Today’s instaneat is enclosed in the most unique and unmistakable tastes of the Cilento coast. For the occasion I met one of the most famous chefs of the place: Antonio Morinelli. Strongly linked to the Cilento traditions and to the territory, Antonio defines himself as a Bourbon of origin. After traveling all over the world in search of inspiration, new flavors and aromas, Antonio returned to his homeland, as a matter of fact I met him in the house where he grew up in Pioppi, cradle of the Mediterranean Diet, where he has started the greatest adventure of his career: “Suscettibile”. An all-white restaurant overlooking the small enchanted pier of Pioppi, “bandiera blu” and heart of Cilento.

At the entrance you can breathe art, history and romance. The “relaxed” environment immediately puts you at ease in the mix of sensations aroused by the enchantment of the place and the comfort of feeling at home. What fascinated me about “Suscettibile” is the character of the location: a terrace overlooking the sea that completes the internal hall, which Antonio tells us, is the home of his grandfather where he played and where he started cooking by observing his grandmother.

Insalata Acquasale del Cilento di Antonio Morinelli

Antonio Morinelli’s Cilento Acquasale


Antonio, a very simple boy, has nailed it! Il Suscettibile is a great success! Today one of the most desirable and popular restaurants in Cilento. In the shadow of the gazebo of his restaurant with the sea that serves as background we sipped his excellent limoncello on a warm July evening in which he told me the secret of his success.

“As a child, my grandfather told me that the real job is clean, that you mustn’t get your hands dirty, he wanted me to study at university and become a professional white collar. Even as a child I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My grandmother was preparing aubergines, tomatoes, anchovies and I knew that this would be my path. For me, the Suscetttibile is the warmth of home, the love for your family and the Cilento traditions, the valley between Pioppi, Casalvelino and Acquavella: the places of my origins where I came back after having traveled the world, where I am happy and where I find inspiration and creativity for my dishes “.

Suscettibile also represents Antonio’s passion for the research of the highest quality and the maniacal choice of raw materials. The products you choose are all from Cilento: from fresh fish to seasonal vegetables, for this reason the menu undergoes continuous variations based on availability and seasonality of the products hence the name “Suscettibile”.

Antonio is a great promoter of his land and in the selection of raw materials he collaborates with excellent companies such as “Agriturismo I Moresani” where he supplies the best ingredients for his cooking. “I Moresani” is a family-run farm, brothers Carmine and Domenico devote themselves with the greatest passion not only to the breeding of goats and cows for high quality cheeses but also to organic cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

The typical Cilento cuisine is poor. The housewives of the past used what they had: stale bread, tomato, basil, all local olives and Antonio delighted us with an instanteat, an Italian-style with Cilento and traditional character: “Acquasale”

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