How and where did you start cooking?
My drive for making great food comes from my family. From my grandparents, who were farmers and hunters. From them I learned to enhance raw materials making do with what we had. I choose the best for my dishes.

How did your journey start?
As a child I used to watch my grandmother at home in Stornarella while she was busy preparing lunch for the whole family.

Let’s talk of Italy. Which places would you recommend in particular for foreign visitors?
Puglia Of course. From Foggia to Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia offers pristine seas. Blessed by a favorable climate it produces the best and most genuine products. These are the ingredients of a genuine cuisine with ancient flavors. It is a warm and welcoming land rich in art: the residences, the castles, the farms, the Roman and Byzantine influences, Normans, Aragonesi and Bourbons make it a place of magic in a mixture of cultures and traditions.

Savino! The Pugliesi are superstitious, how about you?

Absolutely yes! It is my habit to throw a pinch of salt behind my shoulder to avert the “evil eye”. On the other hand, Puglia is home to tarantismo, a dance which was believed to originate from the bite of tarantula and that led the tarantati to try their hand at long dances to the sound of an orchestra with simple instruments such as the organ and tambourine, to free themselves from bad that had hit them.

What infuences you most in the creation of a new dish?

I am inspired by a walk along the street, by a dish from the past which I like to revisit, by a specific ingredient I want to enhance, from a word of my grandmother, from a trip abroad, from a chat with a friend.