Agriturismo I Moresani di Pioppi - Cilento Italia

Success of a family in Cilento as a benchmark of excellence and tradition


To make my afetrnoon with Antonio Morinelli even more fascinating was the location chosen by the chef for the instant in Italian style: “I Moresani”. A traditional farmhouse surrounded by the greenery of the Cilento coast: with the olive trees in the valley between Pioppi, Casalvelino and Acquavella. On the dirt road access to the building I wasn’t that very much impressed, to be completely honest I felt a slight vein of disappointment. On the steep descent towards the cottage the first meeting is with donkeys: “I Moresani” raise goats, podolica cows and has a herd of horses. “Not a great start” I thought to myself. A pleasant surprise awaited me …

We approached the cottage and as I got out of thegetting off the air-conditioned car on a hot July afternoon, the thermal excursion had the best of me and after a slight dizziness I came round to feel all the charm and beauty the surroundings: it was like falling in love. The warmth of the sun on my skin, the colors of lavender, the scent of rosemary and thyme, the silence of nature broken only by the cicadas: I was in the National Park of Cilento, a place to die for, as they say. A dive into the past in a rustic setting, with horses and nature trails in the distance. The road continued up to the pool completely surrounded by greenery. To welcome us together with Antonio, Carmine and Domenico the brothers who run the business. At the side of the farmhouse at the foot of an old stone staircase was a table made with the wood of an ancient door delicately laid on the old ironwork for bed frames dating back to of the last century. “I Moresani” is without doubt the ideal place to escape from the hectic routine city life: clean air, unspoiled nature, excellent food and outdoor activities.

Olio di Oliva Extravergine Biologico - Agriturismo I Moresani

Organic extra virgin olive oil – I Moresani

What distinguishes “I Moresani” is the quality of food: all produced on site. The simplicity of ancient flavors and the genuineness of organic products are the core of this company: traditional flavors that remain in the heart of those who taste them. In the shade of the olive trees we had the chance to enjoy the ciacioricotta of Capra del Cilento, simple and humble pastoral origins, Antonio’s Acquasale, seasonal vegetables, salted olives and Cilentano “prosciutoto”, all accompanied by a white and a red both from Cilento, for dessert a ricotta and pear pie of the smoothest consistency and a strong and unmistakable flavor and to finish a fragrant limoncello.

What did my day at “I Moresani” leave me? Unspoiled nature, unique, genuine and authentic flavors, tradition and above all a great friendship: between Antonio, Carmine and Domenico. Antonio is a multi-awarded chef in charge at “Suscettibile”, Carmine and Doemnico are local entrepeneurs with “I Moresani” farm, not competitors but friends and above all coworkers united by one great passion: their land, Cilento.


Learn about I Moresani: hospitable, simple, authentic.