Instanteat, the full-featured app for Municipality 2.0

Instanteat is the APP conceived for the specific needs of local administrations and already used by hundreds of municipalities all over Italy to convert your administration in a SMART one!
An essential tool both for the enhancement of municipality territory and to keep citizens informed about events, news, services, and emergencies, ensuring active participation in the life of their city.

With Instanteat your municipality opens to direct dialogue with citizens through a unified access point with the municipal administration.

Through Instanteat the municipality aims at innovation by making digital its communication models, from the institutional to the direct and punctual one with the citizens, for a multiplicity of activities. The distance between the administration and the citizens comes down completely making them the protagonists of life and initiatives of their own municipality.

The citizen no longer has to consult the website in search of the information he needs: it is the news that arrives directly on the mobile phone in the Instanteat App.


Some features of Instanteat

  • Municipal administration (directors with related powers)
  • News and events
  • Tourist information
  • Separate collection of solid urban waste
  • Civil protection, for real-time communication of possible risks and alert states of the territory
  • Social activities – zone plan
  • Associations
  • Services


Municipal Administration

Instanteat allows citizens to be informed immediately about the structure of the entire municipal administration, the political office and the role that each administrator covers.


News and Events

Instanteat allows you to inform all users about news and events organized by the Municipality. The associations have a unique way of communicating events without dispersion, with the possibility of having a single organized access point, where they show a complete event calendar.


Tourist information

All tourist information on places of interest, tourist itineraries, museums and attractions are available to everyone, directly on the smartphone.


Separate collection of solid urban waste

Real-time information on the collection calendar. The calendar and all updates are available directly on your smartphone with Instanteat, posters or prints are not necessary to be delivered to families. Instanteat also allows waste management to be managed and scheduled.


Civil protection, for real-time communication of possible risks and alert states of the territory

In the event of a weather or emergency alert, Instanteat is the communication tool of civil protection with the population. The municipal administration manages and communicates in real time the closure of schools, bad weather emergency, hydrogeological risks, closure of roads.


Social activities – Zone plan

All the initiatives of the municipality for the social sector: support for poor families, the elderly and the disabled, area plans, the civil service, the reception of immigrants, services to combat poverty, are communicated to the population through the application. With Instanteat the voluntary associations and the municipality itself have the possibility to manage the request for support to families and to coordinate the supply of daily spending for the disabled.



In a phase, like the current one, the attention of the Municipality towards social and cultural associations becomes important to stimulate the wellness of the community and its territorial development. With Instanteat all the associations will be able to promote their services, projects and events for the growth of the territory.



With Instanteat, citizen-administration-citizen communication is encouraged by promoting the concept of active citizenship. in this way the communication with the offices or managing directors will become simple and instantaneous. Furthermore, thanks to this function it is possible to receive messages, book guided tours, informative interviews and much more.


Why choose instanteat?

Instanteat is a digital structure which, in addition to highlighting the administration’s activities and providing an indispensable direct communication tool with citizens, offers the unique possibility of creating a network with:

  • Other municipalities for strengthening, consolidation, intra-municipal relations
  • Zone plans and all social services adopted
  • Local communities and organizations (mountain communities, tourist districts, union of municipalities, consortia and associations)
  • Industries and production realities
  • Access to finance and public notices


The advantages

  • Always in step with technology
  • The administration and the municipality are brought directly to the citizen who no longer has to move or look for confusing news on the web, but has all the information directly on the smartphone
  • Strengthens the concept of territorial enhancement
  • It provides a public utility service through the provision of essential information in emergency situations through a notification architecture, it can send timely warnings, such as for weather, roads, schools
  • It is a digital help desk for the Social and the safeguarding and protection of vulnerable groups
  • Citizens are active actors in the life of the municipality
  • Production of text and multimedia contents upon specific request of the municipality

With Instanteat the enhancement of the municipality has never been so simple. The municipality can load all the activities and events on the application, to support the development of the territory: from initiatives of the local tourist board, to patron saints and folkloristic, cultural and religious initiatives. A direct line with the population and visitors with the focus on the municipality.

Instanteat can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store on the smartphone and allows citizens or those in the municipality to have all the information relating to the municipality in the palm of their hand.