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Instanteat, the complete solution for the winery

Wine is the element of aggregation and sharing par excellence. 3000 years ago it was already present during the symposiums in which war and political strategies were discussed, when the victory was celebrated or a defeat was analyzed. In all Mediterranean cultures wine has always been a protagonist, but one of the most frequent questions asked by winemakers and wine producers today is “How to communicate wine in the digital age?”, Or how to penetrate international markets? How to be effective and strategic in marketing campaigns? How to identify your strategic target?

instanteat is the APP designed to meet all the specific needs of the winery. Already used by many companies, it is the indispensable tool for successful ones.

instnateat supports and facilitates communication and the business of wineries, simultaneously involving customers, distributors, wine bars and restaurants.

instanteat opens up to new scenarios of communication, development and business support. Its features make it possible to increase business by reaching new customers, to carry out targeted mobile marketing and communication activities for specific customers, to notify promotions and information in real time, to present the product range in a professional showcase.


instanteat allows wineries to offer their customers a personal showcase through a direct line between wineries and sales points. instanteat is the new application for tablets and smartphones that allows wineries to be present on the main appstore (Apple Store and Google Play) with their free downloadable app.

instanteat is the tool to present the offer of wines with photos, videos and descriptions, but also to collect preferences and orders. Today the customer uses the smartphone to communicate and learn, connect with people, companies and services. He is a more informed and demanding customer, instanting allows the company to involve and retain the customer through mobile marketing campaigns.


Detail of Instanteat functions

  • Company presentation
  • Product showcase
  • Advanced Big Data management system for improving the services offered
  • Real-time publication of news, events, promotions
  • E-commerce
  • Digital information point


Company presentation

instanteat offers the possibility to get to know the entire company directly from your smartphone. Thanks to this function, the company highlights all the features that make it unique, highlighting the origin, the brand and the quality of its product. A mix of features that will intrigue the customer to visit you.


Product Showcase

Information, features and offers in real time of the entire range of products on the company.


Information Point

All possible information, in real time. Customer support, opening hours, telephone numbers. All this directly on your smartphone. In order to have a direct channel with its customers and improve the service offered.



In an increasingly digital reality, even the world of commerce moves towards this horizon: you sit in an armchair, click with the mouse and wait for the goods to appear at the door. The e-commerce market, as is known, has grown enormously in the last decade, making life more convenient for consumers. This vision is very important for your company.



With instanteat, communication between the customer and the company is encouraged so that they can promote contact with their customers and make them loyal. Furthermore, thanks to this function it is possible to receive messages, reviews and useful tips to continuously update your business.


Big Data Management for the improvement of the services offered

instanteat allows the company to get to know its customers and monitor their interest. A new opportunity to analyze data through complete monitoring of its customers. In this way the company activates mobile marketing strategies based on the specific needs and preferences of the target: from the individual to groups of users.


Why choose instanteat?

instanteat has an immediate communication speed, allows the customer to find information much more easily and keep it close at hand. Create greater involvement, can be used to finalize purchases or to make its services much more usable. It also allows you to send notifications and thus intensify communication with customers.

The advantages

  • Always in step with technology
  • The company will have direct communication with the citizen who no longer has to search for confusing news on the web, has all the information directly on the smartphone.
  • Strengthens the concept of company valorisation
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Production of text and multimedia content on specific company request

Instanteat can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store on the smartphone and allows customers to have all the information on the activity in the palm of their hand.

Communicate in real time

Instanteat is the versatile and complete application able to communicate institutional, tourist, cultural and commercial information in real time. It provides a technological tool for administrations aimed at information and promotion activities.

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Available on App Store e Google Play

instanteat is available for free on Android and iOS stores.