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Instanteat, digital platform for school 4.0

Digital literacy and active participation in community life is one of the most debated elements of discussion. Access to digital represents the democracy of a people in this era. The use of the smartphone therefore the internet has exponentially accelerated access to the information that is at hand in real time. A school that interprets this process is a school that is attentive to evolution.
Today we are witnessing a gap in the digitization and use of technology by educational institutions: digital literacy therefore represents not only a duty but also an opportunity for growth.
The use of new digital technologies and the development of intuitive and immediate applications is the future. The school’s responsibility is to guarantee literacy and therefore the use of innovative systems to guarantee democracy and social ethics.


Instanteat Digital Platform

In this scenario, the digital instanteat platform is the answer to the needs of schools.
Instanteat is a digital ecosystem that allows the institution to interpret innovation and experiment with new paradigms of interaction between student and teacher. Instanteat allows the student to create apps that are part of his / her studies. This represents a unique opportunity for the institute to embark on an essential growth path at this historical moment.
The basic elements of smart innovative technologies are the ideal tools for each teaching program for the development of a new generation of teaching methods.


The Features of the Instanteat Platform Per Addess

• Construction Environment and Territory
Site safety management, zoning, job order management, work progress, labor costs, material costs.
• Economic Sector – Tourism
Valorisation and promotion of the territory, booking, environmental routes and tourist itineraries, accommodation facilities, history and narration of monuments and sites, multilingual.

• Services sector in the commercial and communication area
Account management, warehouse management, orders, promotion, offers, product catalog.
• Agriculture, Agribusiness and Agro-industry
Zoning, farm management, innovative methods for agriculture, digital dissemination strategies.


Social Reporting

Social reporting takes place within the evaluation processes of schools in the territory and as such indicates the phases: through an activity of documentation and sharing of the projects provided and the results obtained, the institute makes families participate and the social fabric of student progress and educational activities carried out in a dimension of total transparency.
Instanteat allows innovative institutes to respond in a single project to these obligations imposed for the digital school in the context of social reporting, through:


The use of Smart Learning By Doing Digital Technology

The students are actors in the creation of digital applications relevant to their study path


Implementation of Digital Teaching at School

Teachers use innovative digital tools during teaching activities, making the learning experience new, original and close to the reality of young people.


Implementation of Exclusive Projects

Instanteat allows educational institutions to implement exclusive, modern and innovative digital projects in line with the digital evolution of these years


The Role of Social Networks

In the dynamics of the role that social networks have today, particularly among the young population, the use of a digital community leads to stimulating the growth and development of the institution. Students through this application become prosumers, that is active in the creation and production of digital contents and information of knowledge instead of simple consumers or simple users. Sharing the experience in the social context leads to an increase in image, authority and competence of the promoting institution.

Communicate in real time

Instanteat is the versatile and complete application able to communicate institutional, tourist, cultural and commercial information in real time. It provides a technological tool for administrations aimed at information and promotion activities.

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