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Instanteat is the complete app for Orders and Colleges 4.0


Instanteat is designed for the specific needs of Professional Orders and Colleges. An indispensable tool to inform subscribers about organized events, job opportunities arising from new calls and communications. Promptly notify the registered deadlines, such as the payment management of the annual registration fee.
With instanteat a direct dialogue is opened with the subscribers through a unified access point. With instanteat the order / college aims at innovation by making its communication models digital, from the institutional to the direct and punctual with the subscribers. The distance between the order / college and the students is completely destroyed making them the protagonists of life and of the initiatives of their order.
The news arrives directly to the user’s mobile phone via the instanteat App, so the professional no longer has to consult the site in search of the information he needs.


Some of the features of Instanteat

• Communications on new job opportunities

• Event organization and management

• Management of registration fees

• News publication, press releases, notices, circulars and announcements

• Advanced Big Data Management System for the analysis of service requests by subscribers


Communications on new job opportunities

The professional can discover new business opportunities. It will be updated in real time on calls, public notices and all new proposals made immediately available. In this way the order / college will clearly improve its image and efficiency.


Organization and management of events

Instanteat allows you to manage the order / college agenda and organize professional updating courses and seminars. In this way you will be able to schedule events automatically and update your users instantly with a notification on your smartphone.


Registration fee management

Instanteat allows you to notify subscribers of all deadlines set by the order / college as payment of the annual registration fee. Thanks to this function, it will be possible to check and manage the registration fees in a simple and quick way keeping your budget up to date.


Publication News, press releases, notices, circulars and announcements

Whatever communication you want to do, instanteat lets you reach the end user instantly. With a simple notification on the mobile phone the order / college can communicate with all registered professionals at any time by updating them on news, press releases, notices.


Advanced user behavior analysis management system

This function allows the order to have a statistical view of the choices and interests of its users. In this way it will be possible to understand the level of involvement and identify their interests, guaranteeing continuous innovation of the functions to which they pay the most attention.


The advantages

Why choose instanteat?

Instanteat allows professionals registered in the register to be constantly updated on all the opportunities that the order provides. Moreover, thanks to the notification system, it will be possible to have direct contact with all professionals, offering them news, press releases and events organized by the order.
The platform is intuitive, easy and fast, it can be used without any specific competence. The instanteat app is downloaded from the store both Android and iOS systems. Every registered professional will have his / her own digital order / college directly on the smartphone in this way it will enhance the efficiency and the image of the entire register.

Communicate in real time

Instanteat is the versatile and complete application able to communicate institutional, tourist, cultural and commercial information in real time. It provides a technological tool for administrations aimed at information and promotion activities.

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Available on App Store e Google Play

instanteat is available for free on Android and iOS stores.