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Instanteat, the app for successful companies

Today, communication is primarily smart, all our everyday tasks are carried out on our smartphones. The number of mobile users in continually increasing. We use our mobile device for work, for online shopping, for vacations or simply to book a table at the restaurant. In this scenario, the company that wants to make a difference must necessarily communicate “mobile”, taking advantage of the opportunity to immediately enter a market that is growing exponentially.


instanteat is the solution designed to meet the specific needs of companies looking for innovation. Already used by a number of companies, it is indispensable for successful companies.


The distance between the company and the customers no longer exists, they are continuously informed about the initiatives, offers and news. Customers will no longer have to consult the site looking for information, all they need is in app.



Instanteat key features


Company presentation

Advanced Big Data management system for improving the services offered

Real-time publication of news, events and promotions


Digital information point




Company presentation


instanteat gives you the opportunity to make your company known directly on a smartphone and is available to users at any time. Thanks to this function, the company highlights all the features that makes it unique, highlighting the origin, the brand and the quality of its products. A mix of features that will intrigue your buyers to visit you.





Advanced Big Data management system for improving the services offered


instanteat is equipped with a big data analysis technology. This function allows you to perceive your customers’ orientation and to personalize the company by offering tailor-made communication based on their interests, position and user behaviour.





Real-time publication of news, events and promotions


instanteat with a simple notification feature allows you to communicate in real time with all customers and update them on news, events and active promotions. A simple click and you will break down the barriers of communication thus establishing a direct line with your customers.




Digital Information Point


All possible information, in real time: customer support, opening hours, telephone number, all this directly on the smartphone. With Instanteat, communication between the customer and the company is encouraged in order to promote contact with their customers. Moreover, thanks to this function it will be possible to receive messages, reviews and useful tips to continuously update your business.







In an increasingly digital reality, even the world of commerce moves towards this horizon: you sit in an armchair, click with the mouse and wait for the products to appear at the door. The e-commerce market, as it is known, has grown enormously in the last decade, making life more convenient for consumers.





Why choose instanteat?


Unlike the website, instanteat has an immediate communication speed, allows the customer to find information much more easily and keep it close at hand. Create greater involvement, can be used to finalize purchases or to make services much more usable. It also allows you to send notifications and thus intensify communication with customers.




The advantages


Always in step with technology

Provides a direct communication channel with users.

Strengthens the concept of brand reputation and company value

Improves customer loyalty




Available on App Store e Google Play

instanteat is available for free on Android and iOS stores.