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instanteat, the great app for your restaurants.

It is not important that you are a chef, an agriturismo or pizzeria. instanteat is the app designed to enhance, promote and make your menu unique. The best way to enhance your venue and make it visible and accessible in an instant!

instanteat is an essential application to promote your cusine, to inform your customers of new dishes, promotions and events instantly. It is an innovative system to retain customers and encourage them to return to the room several times over time.
Through instanteat, the restaurant aims for innovation by creating its direct digital communication models with your customers. In this way a direct relationship will be established thus building a climate of trust that will remain so over time.


Why choose instanteat?

Unlike the website, instanteat has an immediate, simple and original communication speed! It allows the customer to find information much more easily and keep it close at hand. Create greater involvement, can be used to check the availability of seats and proceed with booking, making the whole range of services much more usable. It also allows you to send instant notifications and thus intensify communication with customers.

Some of instanteat features:
• Presentation of the location
• The Menu
• Information Point
• News and Events
• Services


Local Presentation

instanteat allows you to present the entire activity through a video, highlighting all the features that make it unique. It will thus highlight the history, structure and quality of its products. A mix of features that will intrigue the customer in coming to visit your restaurant.


Dishes Menu

Information, characteristics and properties of the entire range of dishes on your company. In this way the customer can view and decide with greater freedom the dish to choose at any time of the day.


Information Point

All possible information, in real time. Customer support, opening hours, telephone number, information on the ingredients of the dishes. All this directly on your smartphone.


News And Events

Instanteat allows you to inform all customers about news, offers, events, theme parties organized by your business. You can upload all the activities and events that will enhance your refreshment point on the application, making it unique in its kind. A direct line to its customers who can communicate their presence at any time of the day.



With Instanteat, communication between the customer and the activity is encouraged, so as to be able to promote contact with their customers and make them loyal. You can book with a single click the organization of a private party, check the calendar of reservations thus reducing waiting times. Moreover, thanks to this function it is possible to receive messages, reviews and useful tips to improve one’s business.


The advantages

• Always in step with technology
• Your business will have direct communication with the customer who will no longer have to search for confusing news on the web, he will have all the information directly on the smartphone.
• Strengthens the concept of company valorisation
• Improves customer loyalty
• It will reduce waiting times
• Production of textual and multimedia contents upon specific request of the company

Instanteat can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store on the smartphone and allows customers to have all the information on the activity in the palm of their hand.

Communicate in real time

Instanteat is the versatile and complete application able to communicate institutional, tourist, cultural and commercial information in real time. It provides a technological tool for administrations aimed at information and promotion activities.

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Available on App Store e Google Play

instanteat is available for free on Android and iOS stores.