Chef Antonio Morinelli Pop-Art

Antonio Morinelli’s four states of mind


Food is life. Food is art. Antonio Morinelli made the preparation of his dishes a form of art through a creative process that the chef expresses in these 4 states of mind.

“How do you create such special dishes?”
“What drives me is curiosity: those who are curious always learn, enrich and nurture the mind, overcoming their limits, opening up to new opportunities.

“How do you describe these four states of mind?”
After the phase of curiosity and initial scouting, I often get a little skeptical. I wonder how my idea will be accepted, if it is really the right one. But then my instinct prevails and I let my imagination run free. And it is here that my interest ranges from research to vision, resulting into a new dish:this is the wonder phase. The greatest wonder for me lies in the satisfaction and in the reactions of those who taste my food, in my clients’ satisfaction, in conviviality and sharing. Those moments of poetry and love for life in front of a good dish accompanied by a glass of wine.